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DPC Tour 2 matches in the China region will be postponed

Perfect World officials have notified fans and players that matches on March 28 and 29 will be played as scheduled, but the following matches have been postponed. Approximately, DPC season will resume on April 8. Dota2 tournaments in other regions will not be paused.

The first division matches were supposed to end on April 22, but it is unknown what the organizers will do now. Perhaps after the lockdown is over, the matches will be played more often than originally planned.

In the first division of the Chinese DPC, there are currently three Dota2 teams sharing first place. PSG.LGD, Royal Never Give, Xtreme Gaming have won three group stage matches and have not lost a single game so far.

The success of Xtreme Gaming surprises fans quite a lot, as the club has only recently joined the best teams in Dota2 esport. At the same time, the backbone of the team is top Dota2 players: Paparazi, old eLeVeN and Pyw with a young carry player lou.

Team Aster played the least number of matches in the current tour, the club only managed to beat LBZS (2-0), while the games against outsider MagMa and mid-tier EHOME were postponed.

The biggest outsiders of the Chinese DPC are expected. They are Team Magma from the second division and Team LBZS, who ranked sixth in the group last tour — one step away from relegation. To make matters worse, the roster of Kagome, Pyue, Molasses, CatYou, and detachment had to play with substitutes. In the match against Royal Never Give Up, Fonte played at the carry position.

In the second Chinese division, unlike the first, so far there is only one clear leader – Dandelion Esport Club. The roster of shylock, zc, Beyond, 天命, SJ made it through the open qualifiers and won the first three matches of the second division. That’s a strong shot at making it to the first division in the next DPC Tour.

Dandelion Esport Club has already won Invictus Gaming, Aster.Aries and Phoenix Gaming. Invictus Gaming and Phoenix Gaming are teams relegated from the first division, of which only Invictus Gaming has a reasonable chance to fight for a return to the China top division. Phoenix Gaming with stats of 1-3 will have to fight for survival in the second division.

Dota 2 fans in China have to wait for good news from Perfect World and the Chinese government. We hope that the lockdown will end soon and Dota 2 players will be able to return to competition on their path to the ESL One Stockholm 2022 Major.

ESL One Stockholm 2022 will be held in Sweden on May 12-25. 18 teams from around the world will compete for the title of the best, a prize fund of $500,000, and DPC points.

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DPC Tour 2 matches in the China region will be postponed

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