рейтинг игроков

#NicknameNameEarningsratinglast game
1 gla1ve Lukas Rossander$ 1456845460 %1 year ago
2 Magisk Emil Reif$ 1212242506 %1 year ago
3 TACO Epitacio De Melo$ 1073608102 %1 year ago
4 FalleN Gabriel Toledo$ 1034980323 %1 year ago
5 fer Fernando Alvarenga$ 100673022 %1 year ago
6 coldzera Marcelo David$ 965782241 %1 year ago
7 s1mple Aleksandr Kostyliev$ 873015708 %1 year ago
8 flamie Egor Vasilyev$ 864502179 %1 year ago
9 olofmeister Olof Kajbjer$ 863351377 %1 year ago
10 NAF Keith Markovic$ 812156380 %1 year ago
11 Stewie2K Jake Yip$ 791650361 %1 year ago
12 NiKo Nikola Kovač$ 786727622 %1 year ago
13 GuardiaN Ladislav Kovács$ 763919No Info1 year ago
14 electronic Denis Sharipov$ 759116664 %1 year ago
15 EliGE Jonathan Jablonowski$ 750550391 %1 year ago
16 rain Håvard Nygaard$ 735088605 %1 year ago
17 tarik Tarik Celik$ 690045225 %1 year ago
18 nitr0 Nick Cannella$ 673700No Info2 years ago
19 Zeus Danylo Teslenko$ 655009No Info3 years ago
20 Twistzz Russel Van Dulken$ 650000645 %1 year ago
1 2 3 369


The best CS GO players are well known to all esports fans. Like football stars, CS GO players who could win the best of the best title are idols for their fans. They got everything – fame, wealth, authority. Pro CS GO players are invited to TV shows and get profitable commercial contracts. However, to achieve success and become famous worldwide, esports players had to go through several CS: GO tournaments, where they had to show all their best. Statistics are based on performance indicators. These statistics create a background for the top CS GO players list – this is a special list or ranking of the pro players, making it possible to assess the current skills of each esports player. Top 1 in the CS: GO world is the most productive pro player who scored the most points in prestigious competitions. Every professional dreams of leading this ranking, but not everyone can do it.


The best CS GO players are extraordinarily good at their discipline. We have prepared the top CS GO players 2020 list based on the pro esports players performance at the most prestigious tournaments and championships. The top CS GO player of 2020 is the one who showed not only good statistics but also the one who became a role model for his teammates. If you are interested in the world of esports, then you probably know all the names of CS GO players, which we will discuss next. These are world-class stars well known to all of us. According to our version, these CS GO players topped the rankings.


Denis Sharipov, also known as Electronic in the CS: GO community, opens our list of top players. Electonic’s CSGO biography began in 2015 when he played for the ACES team. Since then, he has changed several teams until Electronic became a legendary Natus Vincere team member in November 2017. Being a member of Navi, Electronic fully realized his potential as a CSGO player. Many times he helped his team to win in completely hopeless rounds. All this allowed Electronic to top the best CS GO players rankings. Today Electronic in the CS GO community is one of the most productive esports player. He is well known among fans and is an esports star.


Benjamin Bremer, known as blameF in the CSGO community, is a famous Danish player. Starting his career in 2015, blameF achieved outstanding results in CSGO, so he was quickly noticed by the managers of the Complexity Gaming team and got an offer from them. He still plays for this team, acting as a team leader. With blameF, the Complexity team could take first places in many prestigious tournaments such as BLAST Premier: Spring 2020 European Finals, BLAST Premier: Spring Groups 2021, and other events. This young player’s success surprises many. blameF has become a kind of icon for fans and esports beginners, showing how to achieve success in the world of esports.


We continue our story about the best Counter-Strike players. Next, we will talk about a professional player Robin Kohl, also known as Ropz in the CSGO community. Ropz occupies one of the leading positions in the CSGO rankings – but he didn’t start that way. Ropz’s professional career in CS: GO began in 2016 when this young player from Estonia joined the AWTR team. However, this team did not allow Ropz to realize his potential as a CSGO player. Today Robin is a member of the Mousesports team. Thanks to Ropz, his team won many CSGO matches, which became the reason for this player’s popularity in the fan community.


And last but not least, on our top players’ list is Emil Reif, a professional esports player known to CSGO fans as Magisk. Magisk is a top-class CSGO player. His career began in 2015, but his first esports experience was in the little-known team. The situation changed when he was invited as a stand-in at SK Gaming. The teammates liked Magisk’s CS GO results so much that he soon joined the main team. Today Emil Reif plays for a Danish team Astralis. This team is one of the best Counter-Strike teams – particularly because of Magisk’s contributions.