рейтинг игроков

#NicknameNameroleEarningsratinglast game
1 N0tail Johan SundsteinNo info$ 7126853No Info1 month ago
2 JerAx Jesse VainikkaSupport$ 648292342 %8 months ago
3 ana Anathan PhamCarry$ 6023117311 %3 months ago
4 Ceb Sebastien DebsOfflaner$ 5804559346 %1 month ago
5 Topson Topias TaavitsainenMid$ 5692363386 %1 month ago
6 KuroKy Kuro Salehi TakhasomiNo info$ 5223531160 %1 month ago
7 MATUMBAMAN Lasse UrpalainenCarry$ 4970999319 %2 months ago
8 Miracle- Amer Al-barqawiCarry$ 4881535221 %4 months ago
9 MinD_ContRoL Ivan IvanovOfflaner$ 4680869213 %1 month ago
10 GH Maroun MerhejSupport$ 4286874148 %1 month ago
11 Miposhka Yaroslav NaidenovNo info$ 4227815206 %4 weeks ago
12 Collapse Magomed KhalilovOfflaner$ 3987074254 %4 weeks ago
13 YatoroGOD Illya MulyarchukCarry$ 3985469261 %4 weeks ago
14 TORONTOTOKYO Alexander KhertekMid$ 3977526240 %3 months ago
15 Mira Miroslav KolpakovSupport$ 3970883223 %4 weeks ago
16 Puppey Clement IvanovNo info$ 3937188246 %2 months ago
17 Ame Wang ChunyuCarry$ 3931872315 %3 months ago
18 Sumail Syed Sumail HassanMid$ 3811639221 %1 month ago
19 WhyouSm1Le Zhang YipingSupport$ 3752520214 %3 months ago
20 Faith_bian Zhang RuidaOfflaner$ 3747020317 %3 months ago
1 2 3 980


Fans of esports competitions do enjoy watching confrontations between esports teams. Of course, this is not surprising since the best Dota 2 players show a vibrant and exciting game, which is a pleasure to watch. However, not all professional players reach the heights of the esports Olympus and become world stars. We have created a ranking of Dota 2 players, in which you can easily find your idols. This list shows the present situation in the professional esports scene. The higher the performance of an esports player based on his results, the higher position he holds. The top Dota 2 players are the most famous and popular players, whose names are well known worldwide. In Dota 2, the best players are not just guys who can quickly click and press the right buttons on the keyboard. These are people with lightning-fast reflexes, cool heads, and nerves of steel. These qualities are secret ingredients of top gamers’ success receipt. The biographies of pro players vary, but still, there is something in common. Hard work and will to win!


If you are into esports, you probably know the most famous MOBA. Dota 2 is a trendy game known all over the world. If you try to divide Dota 2 players by country, you will see that almost every corner of the world has its own legendary gamers. Dota 2 is widespread in all regions, especially North America, Asia, and Europe. The strongest Dota 2 players regularly compete with each other in international competitions, trying to prove that they are the ones who deserve the champion title. We will tell you about Dota 2 players who, through their hard work, have succeeded in their esports career and became idols for millions of fans.


Our list of the best Dota 2 players opens Nikolay Nikolov, known to esports fans as Nikobaby. Nikobaby’s professional Dota 2 career began in 2014. He played in the Gplay team. Nikobaby is a veteran in Dota 2. Over the entire period of his esports biography, he changed several pro teams. Still, he could achieve the best results while being a member of the Alliance team. Playing for this team, he became an esports star. Nikobaby is an excellent example of unwavering commitment and constructive engagement. Thanks to his efforts, the Alliance team’s wins at prestigious competitions occurred frequently.


The next player is Johan Sundstein, known to fans as NOtail in Dota2. This is another veteran of the professional scene who started his career back in 2012. The name NOtail in the Dota 2 community is well known to everyone. This pro gamer was the first in the world to receive the title of two-time champion of The International. Also, thanks to his career in Dota 2, Notail is one of the richest gamers in the world. He succeeded as a member of the OG team. NOtail in OG acted as the captain – well, his decisions brought many victories to the team. Notail is considered one of the top players in the world due to his statistics and performances.


Lu Yao, known as Somnus in Dota 2, continues our list of pro players who have become the esports Olympus stars. Somnus is a Dota 2 player who has been playing professionally since 2013. Today, Somnus plays in the mid position for the Chinese team Elephant. The Somnus statistics are impressive. Thanks to his excellent play and skillful actions during the most challenging matches, his team has repeatedly achieved success and snatched victory from the hands of the enemy, even in the most desperate situations. That is why Somnus has become a role model for many Dota 2 fans who dream of building a career in professional esports.


Magomed Khalilov, known as Collapse in the Dota 2 community, is an esports player from Russia who currently plays for Team Spirit. In Team Spirit, he plays an offlane role. Thanks to his skillful play, the team has won prestigious tournaments. Collapse’s career began quite recently – in 2020. However, in a short time in professional esports, he could get the best Dota 2 player title. Magomed Khalilov’s statistics are impressive – he shows excellent results. His career path is a role model for his teammates and all esports fans. Without a doubt, Collapse is one of the top Dota 2 payers today.


Xiong Jiahan, also known as Pyw, closes our top Dota 2 pro players list. Xiong Jiahan has been playing the popular MOBA professionally since 2016. Throughout his career, he has repeatedly changed teams. Now he plays for the Vici Gaming team. Pyw combines solo mid and support positions in Vici Gaming. Esports analysts highly appreciate player’s skills, so Pyw holds top lines in the Dota 2 player rankings. Thanks to the diligence and excellent skills of Pyw, VG could achieve high performance indictors and topped the list of the best Dota 2 teams in the world.