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#NicknameNameEarningsratinglast game
1 Trump Jeffrey ShihNo Info0.00 %53 years ago
2 Rdu Radu DimaNo Info0.00 %5 months ago
3 Thijs Thijs MolendijkNo Info0.01 %3 months ago
4 Impact Josh GrahamNo Info0.00 %3 months ago
5 Lalasong Zi Song HeeNo Info0.00 %53 years ago
6 Ant Anthony TrevinoNo Info0.00 %5 years ago
7 tom60229 Wei Lin ChenNo Info0.00 %1 year ago
8 Xeno Michał KaczorowskiNo Info0.00 %7 months ago
9 foreo Lukas ArkusinskiNo Info0.00 %53 years ago
10 Un33D Grégoire BodinNo Info0.00 %3 years ago
11 Thefishou Thomas GuedjNo Info0.00 %6 months ago
12 Lowelo No InfoNo Info0.00 %53 years ago
13 Yogg Damien L'hostisNo Info0.00 %5 months ago
14 Cipher Gareth RouseNo Info0.00 %53 years ago
15 Crane Simon RaunholstNo Info0.00 %1 year ago
16 TheDing Ding ZhangNo Info0.00 %53 years ago
17 Muzzy Muzahidul I.No Info0.00 %1 year ago
18 Hellion5.Sevz Ethan NguyenNo Info0.00 %53 years ago
19 Hellion5.Archimedes David GersteinNo Info0.00 %53 years ago
20 Hellion5.Aldrik Keith HartranftNo Info0.00 %53 years ago
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The list of popular competitive esports disciplines includes the Hearthstone online card game. Famous teams in the Hearthstone fan community compete in professional championships for prestigious titles and top money prizes. Still, the core of every esports team is its roster, so the best Hearthstone players are the team’s key to success. Esports fans are eagerly awaiting the performance of professional Hearthstone players in the upcoming tournaments. Each event of this kind is of great interest both for the fans and the participants of prestigious competitions. Based on the championship results and performance statistics, we can determine which Hearthstone players are the best of the best. This info is included in the Hearthstone players rankings. To be included in this list is an outstanding achievement. The top Hearthstone players are the most successful and popular esports players worldwide. Each of them has many victories at prestigious competitive events. However, their professional journey hasn’t been easy. Hard work and cold calculation allowed pro gamers to succeed and top the rankings.


Although Hearthstone is not the most popular esports discipline today, competitions are still held regularly. Of course, not all daily Hearthstone tournaments are prestigious. Still, they do give young Hearthstone players a kick-start to their esports pro careers. Even the esports players who now lead the top Hearthstone players rankings once started at local competitions. This allowed them to accumulate points taken into account to form the Hearthstone player statistics. Each successful game, each victory in the championship – all this helped pro gamers become closer to the heights of the esports Olympus. Today we’re going to tell you about some of the best of the Hearthstone pro scene who have made their name in esports history.


Jens Olsen, known as Tarkam, is the Hearthstone player who opens our list of world-renowned esports stars. He is a professional gamer from Denmark who is currently a free agent, not playing for any esports team. Since Tarkam is a top-level HS player, he is very popular in the esports community. Tarkam also streams his Hearthstone games, making him even more popular among all fans of the online card game. Tarkam’s career at Hearthstone began a few years ago – among his professional achievements is winning the prestigious 2018 Twitch Rivals competition. Jens Olsen’s professional skills made him one of the top Hearthstone players.


Continuing our list, we must mention Boozor – a Hearthstone player with many achievements and wins. Boozor in the Hearthstone community is known not only as a pro esports player but also as a streamer and an author of various guides. These guides help beginners make their first steps and dream of an esports career. Boozor occupies a top position in multiple rankings – and this is not surprising at all. Boozor participated in tournaments of various prestige levels, in which he won prizes many times. Today the name Boozor in Hearthstone is well known to all fans of this card game. He has become a kind of mentor and role model for many people interested in the world of esports.


The list of top Hearthstone players would be incomplete without Happy313, the HS player who has earned the popularity and love of the esports fans. You can check all his achievements in statistics and rankings. High performance at competitions of various levels allowed Happy313 to achieve success. Now, Happy313, according to statistics, is one of the top Hearthstone gamers. Of course, all of Happy313’s achievements in Hearthstone are the fruits of his hard work and dedication. This is clear because in esports, as well as in traditional sports, titles are the indicators of the great efforts athlete and esports player put into achieving these results. Each victory of Happy313 at the tournament made him closer to the top lines of the best pro gamers list. And now he is the top Hearthstone player.


The following professional gamer is well known to all fans of the game. His name is Stormcastle – an HS player who, in addition to competing in championships, also has a blog and streams regularly collecting many fans. Stormcastle’s high position in the best gamers rankings results from his achievements. Stormcastle feels perfectly comfortable participating in any tournament, even with the strongest opponents. He could tactically outplay anyone, leaving him without even a chance to win. Well-chosen tactics and cool calculation are the key elements of the Stormcastle success in Hearthstone. This gamer became a role model for many fans, showing them a great example of winning!


The last but not the least player on our list is the pro HS esports player known as Calka in the Hearthstone community. Calka holds a high position in players’ rankings. Why so? The point is that Calka in Hearthstone, according to statistics based on his achievements, is a highly productive esports player. Participation in prestigious competitions and streams allowed him to gain love and popularity from fans all over the world. Everyone wants to watch the Hearthstone matches with Calka again and again because they impress with the exciting solutions and skillful play. Today Calka is a high-level Hearthstone player who has thousands of fans worldwide.