рейтинг игроков

#NicknameNameEarningsratinglast game
1 Faker Lee Sang-hyeok $ 1323202332 %2 months ago
2 Duke Lee Ho-seong $ 1100629No Info3 years ago
3 Bang Bae Jun-sik $ 1005027No Info1 year ago
4 Wolf Lee Jae-wan $ 997475No Info3 years ago
5 JackeyLove Yu Wen-bo $ 925883282 %3 months ago
6 CoreJJ Jo Yong-in $ 79645165 %4 months ago
7 Ruler Park Jae-hyuk $ 796392321 %2 months ago
8 Xiaohu Li Yuanhao $ 774846324 %3 months ago
9 RooKie Song Eui-jin $ 725451221 %4 months ago
10 ning Gao Zhen-ning $ 707964No Info2 years ago
11 Karsa Hung Hau-hsuan $ 678349169 %4 months ago
12 Baolan Wang Liu-yi $ 677492No Info1 year ago
13 caPs Rasmus Winther $ 672204209 %3 months ago
14 TheShy Kang Seung-lok $ 669577210 %5 months ago
15 Ming Shi Sen-ming $ 655626272 %3 months ago
16 Blank Kang Sun-gu $ 651389No Info4 months ago
17 Bengi Bae Seong-woong $ 644072No Info5 years ago
18 PerkZ Luka Perković $ 63088996 %5 months ago
19 Peanut Han Wang-ho $ 622521307 %2 months ago
20 CuVee Lee Seong-jin $ 583610No Info2 years ago
1 2 3 577


If you are interested in the pro gamers’ career, you will surely like our story about successful LoL players. The career of a professional esports player is closely connected with difficulties and daily stresses, so only the best of the best can achieve the top positions of LoL players rankings. LoL player statistics show us that the most productive and successful gamers always keep a cool head and resist opponents’ provocations. It’s easy to lose your head or give up when the game seems to be lost. And this is the main difference between the beginners and the top LoL pros. Esports disciplines, like traditional sports, teach us the will to win and build our character. In addition to working on their individual skills, every LoL player must also train willpower, discipline, and focus on victory and advance ever onwards to victory. According to statistics, LoL players who constantly improve their skills and control their emotions can reach great heights in esports.


In the popular MOBA game League Of Legends, player statistics are of paramount importance. It allows you to compare and evaluate the results of Lol pro players, highlighting the best of them in a separate list. This list is also referred to as the top LoL players ranking. It reflects the current careers of the most famous and popular top LoL players. Each esports player, whose name is on the top of League Of Legends players rankings, is a world-class star. Popularity, fame, and money are all attributes that a successful pro gamer possesses achieving the best player title. However, today there are hundreds, if not thousands of esports players, but not all achieve success and become the best.


Li Yuan-Hao, known as Xiaohu in the Lol community, is a professional esports player from China. In 2014, he started his esports career. In 2015, he became a member of the Royal Never Give Up team, where he continues to play up to this present day, preferring the mid position. Thanks to Xiaohu’s efforts, his team regularly wins top matches. Furthermore, Xiaohu’s participation in LoL tournaments, such as LPL Summer 2018, LPL Spring 2018, etc., brought 1st place to the Royal Never Give Up team and big money prizes. Today, Xiaohu is the top player who sets high standards for all professional LoL gamers.


The second player on our list of the best pro gamers is Henrik Hansen, also known as Froggen in the LoL community. Froggen is a top-level Lol player who, with the help of his hard work, has earned the right to be called one of the best esports players of our time. Froggen’s career in League Of Legends dates back to 2011, making him one of the veterans of the professional scene. He is currently a member of the Dignitas Academy team, playing as mid lane. Froggen is statistically one of the world’s best mid lane Lol players – the numbers speak for themselves. Thanks to Froggen’s efforts at LoL pro scene, his team’s tournament performance makes a favorable impression.


Among the famous players, there is one more successful LoL player – his name is Omran Shoura. He is also known as V1per in the LoL community. V1per’s LoL career lasts for more than 5 years. Over the years, he changed several teams, particularly Team Liquid, Dignitas, and other organizations. Today V1per is a free agent. It means that he is not a team member and is open to cooperation. This is a rather attractive player for managers since V1per in LoL statistics has a reasonably high position as he showed excellent results in different LoL tournaments.


The last champion we want to talk about today is Danish gamer Rasmus Winther, commonly referred to as Caps in the LoL community. Rasmus has been performing on the professional stage since 2015. For all the time Caps topped the LoL statistics by earning many points. All the fans worldwide want to watch LoL matches with Caps again and again – his pro skills and reflexes work so well together. Since Rasmus Winther is a first-class mid-player, Caps participation in LoL tournaments is always a problem for an opponent. Today Caps is a high-level LoL player who achieves tremendous goals and doesn’t plan to stop even for a while.