рейтинг игроков

#NicknameNameEarningsratinglast game
1 Rascal Dongjun Kim$ 548404No Info3 years ago
2 Hooreg Dong-eun Lee$ 455976No Info3 years ago
3 STRIKER Namju Gwon$ 325380No Info3 years ago
4 Nevix Andreas Karlsson$ 321648No Info3 years ago
5 Gesture Jaehui Hong$ 320976No Info3 years ago
6 Profit Junyoung Park$ 320976No Info3 years ago
7 Fissure Chanhyoeng Baek$ 305467No Info3 years ago
8 Choihyobin Hyobin Choi$ 303352No Info3 years ago
9 BIRDRING Ji Hyeok Kim$ 302655No Info3 years ago
10 sinatraa Jay Won$ 301290No Info3 years ago
11 moth Grant Espe$ 300884No Info3 years ago
12 Architect Minho Park$ 294197No Info3 years ago
13 Bdosin Seungtae Choi$ 294041No Info3 years ago
14 Fury Junho Kim$ 291733No Info3 years ago
15 sleepy Nikola Andrews$ 290000No Info3 years ago
16 super Matthew Delisi$ 290000No Info3 years ago
17 NUS Jongseok Kim$ 288320No Info3 years ago
18 Smurf Myeong Hwan Yoo$ 283529No Info3 years ago
19 Closer Wonsik Jung$ 281491No Info3 years ago
20 Viol2t Minki Park$ 280000No Info3 years ago
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Overwatch tournaments are one of the most exciting and attractive events for esports fans. Each competition with the participation of esports teams generates a lot of interest within the esports community and the media. For the best Overwatch players, such events also play a significant role because they allow esports players to show their talents and earn points that will be considered in player statistics. Based on these statistics, Overwatch player rankings are formed. Why is it so important? Actually, these rankings determine the gamer’s status in the Overwatch community. The top positions are occupied by the best of the best. These are the representatives of the Overwatch esports universe who have managed to reach the highest level on the pro scene through their hard work. The career history of each player is unique. Still, about every player who achieved such a success level, we can say that his path was not easy. In Overwatch, the top gamers are the strongest and most productive esports players. They became famous because of their hard training and will to win. Perhaps someone’s story will inspire and motivate you!


The best Overwatch players are world-class stars, as are hockey, football, or tennis stars. These are famous people who are recognized even by those far from esports and the computer games industry. In the Overwatch players rankings, top gamers occupy the highest positions for a long time, regularly improving their skills and showing the best performance results in competitions. Players can demonstrate their talents during Overwatch tournaments. A bad esports player is the one who does not dream of the Overwatch top rankings. Below we have provided a list of ambitious players who have already earned the title of esports stars.


Chinese esports player Ding Menghan, known as Ameng in the Overwatch community, opens the list of top players. Ameng began his career as a professional player in 2017. He changed several Overwatch top teams during his esports experience, including esports organizations such as Moss Seven Club and LGD Gaming. Today, he plays for the top team Chengdu Hunters, where he plays as a tank. Ameng is at the top of the pro players rankings, resulting from his performance at OW tournaments. Ding Menghan became a kind of star for many young gamers, showing them the way to the top on his personal example, proving the possibility of achieving goals.


One more esports star is Corey Nigra, known as Corey in the OW community. Corey became popular among Overwatch fans because of his excellent performance in the pro esports since 2017. Today he is a member of the top team from the United States. Corey takes the role of a Damage Dealer in Washington Justice. Being a member of WJ, Corey could realize his potential and achieve great results. Corey is an OW player who deserves to be called one of the best players in esports history. That is why he is on our list.


The next position in our top list is for an esports player from South Korea – Kim Byung-sun, known as Fleta. Perhaps, Kim chose his nickname because of the famous musician Ignacio Fleta, but we cannot say for sure. However, we can say that Fleta deservedly occupies one of the top positions in the Overwatch players rankings! This gamer’s career began in 2017 when he became a member of the Flash Lux team. In total, during his career, he changed three esports teams. Finally, Fleta could realize his potential as an OW player by playing for the Shanghai Dragons.


The name Haksal in the Overwatch community is known to many fans. He is a South Korean player whose real name is Kim Hyo-jong. Haksal’s professional debut in OW was in 2016 when he became a member of the RunAway organization. Today, Haksal represents the New York Excelsior team in the Overwatch League. Having become a member of this top team in 2020, he plays in the Damage position. Haksal’s participation in tournaments is a headache for his opponents, as he masterfully fulfills his command role.


Our list of Overwatch top players would not be complete without mentioning a player named Jin-hyeok Yang. The South Korean player better known as DDing began his career in 2016. He changed several teams, participated in many tournaments, won and lost… But he truly realized his full potential as part of the Shanghai Dragons – an Overwatch team from China. The Shanghai Dragons team helped him to achieve success. Today, DDing in Overwatch is one of the strongest players globally, showing fans an example of dedication and will to win.