Teams rating

#teamearningsratinglast game
1Astralis$ 8082726360.441 year ago
2NAVI$ 5111050865.441 year ago
3Fnatic$ 44726230.001 year ago
4VP$ 3980266265.001 year ago
5Liquid$ 393575048.001 year ago
6FaZe$ 3820137351.161 year ago
7mouz$ 30227182.401 year ago
8SK$ 28231550.004 years ago
9NiP$ 275759655.001 year ago
10G2$ 2734604511.241 year ago
11C9$ 24574420.001 year ago
12GMB$ 2418125295.001 year ago
13Envy$ 21196930.001 year ago
14VIT$ 174055454.621 year ago
15MiBR$ 15269291.621 year ago
16Heroic$ 1409875144.621 year ago
17Luminosity$ 13867890.003 years ago
18OpTic$ 13017500.002 years ago
19BIG$ 1249734113.521 year ago
20North$ 12237500.001 year ago
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Counter-Strike is one of the most popular esports shooters today. The fan audience of this game numbers several million people, so it is not surprising that the upcoming CS GO tournaments are expected with great excitement. Competitions await esports fans and CS GO teams, for which each tournament is a chance to earn extra points, fame, and prize money. Points earned for participation and victories in events are credited to esports teams, reflected in their statistics. This creates a background for forming teams rankings, allowing us to assess each team’s strengths fairly and understand the current situation. Pro CS GO esports teams are top players that attract significant sponsorship investments. The closer the team’s position is to the TOP 3 CS GO teams, the more attractive this team is for investors and sponsors. A team’s success and performance also affect its popularity in the fan community and the level of esports players’ income.


There are many esports teams in the CS GO discipline. Some enjoy worldwide fame and are known no less than football or basketball clubs. Others are not so successful. As a rule, all popular CS GO teams, before reaching a high position in the pro scene, have overcome many difficulties, holding a solid leading position step by step. The history of each top team is individual. Still, almost all of them faced multiple challenges to become the most popular CS GO teams. Next, we will tell you about the most famous esports teams in the CS: GO discipline, which could achieve success and deserve fans’ love.


The first top team is the popular CSGO team known as Astralis. The Astralis team has been known in the CS: GO community since 2016. It was the year of the first Astralis CS GO roster, including Cajunb, Dev1ce, Xyp9x, Karrigan, and Dupreeh. Zonic became the constant trainer. The esports organization’s managers carefully select the players to gather all the best of the best pro gamers, creating the most comfortable conditions for them to train and improve their skills. Such a desire of managers to choose the best and make the most comfortable conditions was not in vain. As a result, Astralis’ performance indicators in tournaments are impressive and outstanding. Astralis is now one of the best teams in the history of esports.

Team Vitality

The Team Vitality is known to all CS GO fans. Mentions of Team Vitality can often be found in the news, and team members give interviews to bloggers, etc. The secret of Team Vitality’s success is the deep connection of all players who work as one system. The CS: GO Team Vitality appeared in 2018. From then, it began to achieve great success, winning tournaments and becoming a top CS GO team. Team members agree that Team Vitality is the key to their successful statistics because this club created a comfortable atmosphere that reigns within the team.


Finally, we want to include the OG team in our list of the best esports teams. This team is well known to esports fans as it is represented in other disciplines. The OG Dota 2 team, which includes the world’s strongest pro Dota 2 players, is considered one of the most successful. The first OG Counter-Strike roster was created in 2019 and had such top players as Issaa, NBK, Aleksib, Valde, and Mantuu. Ruggah mentors the training process of OG. In the CS world, OG is a dream for many newbies looking to build a career in esports.