Teams rating

# team earnings Pro Circuit rating last game
1 GG $ 765000 900 1850.00 1 day ago
2 Liquid $ 435000 800 1110.00 22 hours ago
3 SR $ 242000 250 482.50 2 days ago
4 EG $ 173500 550 470.15 6 days ago
5 Tundra $ 225000 300 408.75 1 day ago
6 OG $ 129500 300 352.25 3 days ago
7 TLN $ 185500 500 281.91 1 day ago
8 bc $ 110500 No Info 240.00 1 day ago
9 9Pandas $ 75000 400 215.00 6 hours ago
10 TSM $ 97500 No Info 170.01 5 days ago
11 TSpirit $ 90500 100 160.35 2 days ago
12 Aster $ 99000 300 142.18 4 days ago
13 NGX $ 61000 No Info 136.75 1 month ago
14 XctN $ 83000 No Info 127.50 1 day ago
15 Entity $ 90000 200 97.65 1 day ago
16 OLG $ 1000 No Info 95.75 1 month ago
17 Aries $ 48000 No Info 22.07 2 days ago
18 Nouns $ 73000 No Info 7.50 6 hours ago
19 Move $ 42705 No Info 0.20 4 days ago
20 VKS $ 85316 No Info 0.09 2 weeks ago
1 2 3 318


Many teams in the Dota 2 community have a rich history and outstanding achievements. Popular teams are the most famous and legendary clubs, some of which became the winners of the Dota World Championship – The International. They occupy the highest positions in the team rankings, which are compiled based on the teams’ performance in pro competitions. Thus, Dota 2 tournaments are a spectacular show that all esports fans eagerly await and an opportunity for teams to earn essential points. The more often a team wins competitions and takes prizes in prestigious tournaments and championships, the more popular it is among fans of esports competitions. Also, sponsors pay attention to the professional success of esports teams, who consider the esports industry an excellent platform for promoting their products. Top Dota 2 teams are well known to all fans. We’ll tell you about some of these popular teams.


What do we like the most in esports disciplines? Teams, of course. Esports teams attract fans worldwide with great play and outstanding performance in pro competitions, creating excitement around the upcoming tournaments. Dota 2 is one of the highest-paid competitive esports disciplines. Therefore, the top Dota 2 teams are perfectly motivated to win the competition. The results of performances in tournaments and championships are taken into account when compiling Dota 2 team rankings. It reflects the achievements of teams and allows us to judge their success. We will tell you about Dota 2 top teams that have made a significant contribution to the development of the esports industry and have become role models for young organizations.


Our list of top Dota 2 teams starts a Chinese esports club. The Ehome team is one of the strongest Dota 2 teams globally. This club has many loyal fans who constantly check Ehome’s performance. The team was founded in 2010 and since then regularly takes part in all prestigious competitions. For Ehome, Dota 2 is more than just a game – the team players say it. Esports team Ehome, consisting of the best players on the planet, has repeatedly defeated the other strong esports teams. Such a serious attitude allowed the team to gain the popularity and support of their fans.


Continuing to talk about the best teams, we can’t fail to mention the Swedish Dota 2 team known as Alliance. This top team was formed in April 2013. In the first year of its debut, the Alliance Dota 2 roster became World Champion, winning The International 2013. Since then, the club has repeatedly gained the champion title of prestigious competitions. The Alliance Dota 2 roster has changed several times; however, managers worked a lot to create a comfortable and harmonious atmosphere. Players do like the managers’ approach allowing them to focus on the game rather than solving extra problems. All this became the reason for teams’ success. Today this Dota 2 team is one of the most successful teams in the world.

Team Secret

We continue our story about Dota 2 teams with the other top Dota 2 team – Team Secret. This team is well known not only in esports circles. Even people far from esports have heard about the victories of Secret in Dota 2 competitions. The first Dota 2 Secret roster was formed in 2014. Since then, this team could achieve outstanding results, winning prestigious competitions. The Secret team has become an idol for a considerable number of Dota 2 fans who follow with interest the game of their favorites. Almost every match with the participation of this team causes a sensation in the fan community.


The OG Dota 2 team concludes our story about the best esports teams. OG has become a role model for Dota 2 novice players and teams. The first Dota 2 OG roster was formed in 2015. It included the best players of that time. The very first performances in matches where the opponents were top Dota 2 teams showed that OG could confront even the strongest opponents. In the next few years, this team would achieve unbelievable heights and would be able to become the world champion twice. Well, this is a legendary team that regularly wins prestigious competitions.