Teams rating

#teamearningsratinglast game
1 Pandore $ 5500.002 years ago
2 ILH $ 4000.002 years ago
3 Oplon $ 2000.002 years ago
4 YaLLa $ 2000.002 years ago
5 ATK $ 1000.002 years ago
6 E-LVETS $ 1000.002 years ago
7 LE $ 1000.002 years ago
8 ORO $ 1000.002 years ago
9 이스티 No Info0.0053 years ago
10 00Nation No Info54.0053 years ago
11 17173 No Info0.0053 years ago
12 836 Pizza No Info0.0053 years ago
13 9z No Info0.0053 years ago
14 ADA No Info0.0053 years ago
15 ACE.PH No Info0.0053 years ago
16 Ad Finem No Info0.0053 years ago
17 AEC No Info0.0053 years ago
18 AeroX No Info0.0053 years ago
19 AS No Info0.0053 years ago
20 AGO No Info0.0053 years ago
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Esports teams participating in the HS online card game competitions may not be as popular as those participating in LoL or Dota 2 tournaments. However, they have many fans who are always waiting for upcoming matches. Millions of fans watch Hearthstone competitions. In Hearthstone, the teams that compete against each other for the champion title are top teams well known to all esports fans. The best teams are at the top of the team rankings. This special list reflects the current situation on the professional scene. Rankings allow you to determine which of the participants is the strongest and who does not show his best at the moment. At Hearthstone, top teams raise top money. They are popular, have many fans, and attract sponsorship investments. If you follow the HS competitions, you probably know the names of the top teams. Hearthstone teams are as crucial for the discipline as football or hockey clubs in traditional sports.


All HS players want to succeed and become one of the best esports teams. However, not everyone can be the best and reach the top. Next, we will talk about some of the top Hearthstone teams whose stories can inspire and motivate all newcomers and esports fans. Each of these stories is an example of hard work, rigorous training, and the desire to achieve your goal despite any possible obstacles. Like in traditional sports, gamers set goals and reach them no matter what. Faster, Higher, Stronger – the fundamental Olympic principles that everyone knows. They can be applied to HS competitions as well.


If you are interested in esports competitions and follow the tournaments, you probably know this team. The Circa eSports team is one of the best esports clubs globally – and these are not just some abstract words. These are facts. Circa eSports has been performing on the professional scene with a roster of the best players since 2015. This team stands out among other Hearthstone clubs for its high performance indicators. All fans know about Circa eSports. Is it not a synonym of success? Club’s managers selected the players with great care since it was decided that an essential condition for achieving the tasks set was creating a comfortable environment within the team. And it gave results! Great results!

Invictus Gaming

Continuing our story about the top Hearthstone teams, we can’t fail to mention one of the oldest teams. We are talking about the legendary Invictus Gaming team. This Shanghai esports organization is represented in various esports disciplines, including Dota 2 and CS: GO. With its first HS roster, the Invictus Gaming club began to participate in competitions back in 2014. Invictus Gaming is an example of a highly qualified Hearthstone team in which team members perfectly know their roles. Of course, fans do love this team. Today Invictus Gaming consists of world-class players, and this team is the best Hearthstone team on the pro scene.


Luminosity traditionally holds one of the highest positions in the top HS teams rankings. It is a Hearthstone team that is well known to all game fans. This esports organization is represented in many esports disciplines. But if we talk about the HS roster of Luminosity, thanks to carefully selected players, the club achieved unprecedented heights. Today Luminosity is a trendsetter who sets the highest Hearthstone standards. Many victories in prestigious competitions have allowed this organization to win the love of fans worldwide. Luminosity is an HS team that, through their hard work, proved right to be called a champion.