Teams rating

#teamearningsratinglast game
1 NASR $ 3500000.003 years ago
2 RGE $ 242504249.403 months ago
3 MrBeast $ 1500000.006 months ago
4 OOB $ 1000000.002 years ago
5 SGB $ 7288014.253 months ago
6 BLG $ 716990.001 month ago
7 noway4u $ 620000.002 years ago
8 UST $ 595080.002 months ago
9 DKC $ 537170.004 months ago
10 FNC $ 469000.001 year ago
11 NS.C $ 440240.004 months ago
12 TT $ 430160.001 month ago
13 MSF $ 370770.004 months ago
14 BAY $ 317510.007 months ago
15 UPA $ 310160.005 months ago
16 TLN $ 300000.002 years ago
17 RNG $ 28683249.401 month ago
18 EDG $ 28683199.521 month ago
19 GK $ 250000.001 month ago
20 RGO $ 206600.002 months ago
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League of Legends is the most popular esports discipline in the world. Tens of millions of people play it every day and night, and each prestigious tournament attracts a huge number of views. Fans highly respect esports teams that compete in tournaments. This is not surprising because LoL teams are as well known to fans as the most popular football clubs. There is also a special team ranking, including the best LoL teams. This ranking allows you to get an idea of the current situation in pro esports. In LoL, teams compete to earn points and move forward in this ranking. The higher the team’s position in this list, the more popular it is in the fan environment and the more serious sponsorship it can apply for. And the share of sponsorship investments in the team’s budget, as in traditional sports, plays a rather significant role. The top LoL teams are the best teams that proved they deserve to be champions.


Esports teams that compete in League Of Legends matches are idols for their fans. Clubs from the major LOL leagues are essential players in the professional scene. There are also newcomers taking their first steps in the League of Legends universe. Anyway, absolutely all professional clubs, which are top LoL teams today, once began their journey as newbies. Lol is a fairly democratic game that is open to fresh players and teams – but without hard work and regular training, there is no chance to succeed. Next, we will share some info on the best of the best teams from the League of Legends world.


Our list of the top esports teams in League of Legends opens with Dk Damwon Kia Gaming – a team from South Korea. Dk Damwon Kia Gaming has been known since 2017 in the LoL community. That was the moment when the historical path of this team began. From the very beginning, Dk Damwon Kia Gaming managers have focused attention on the players’ teamwork and the creation of a comfortable environment for esports players. Soon, this approach showed results, so this esports club began to move up the ranking ladder rapidly. In 2020, the players of this South Korean team took first place in the League of Legends World Championship, inscribing the name of Dk Damwon Kia Gaming in the Lol history.

TES Top Esports

We’ve already mentioned some pro Lol teams from the global esports arena. But there is one more. One more team is worthy of our attention. It is a strong team from China. Tes Top Esports is a team created in 2017 and, thanks to the skillful managers, could reach great heights. At Tes Top Esports, the players are the club’s main assets. Therefore, the management team used a unique system for their selection, making it possible to create a roster of real esports stars. And today, the Tes Top Esports team can cause serious problems even for an experienced opponent in important matches. Due to their high game level, fans idolize this esports roster. No doubt, Tes Top Esports is one of the most successful teams in the world.

G2 eSports

Well, what about the European esports school? G2 Esports is an association with rosters represented in many esports teams. For example, G2 in CS GO is a world-renowned team that regularly wins prestigious competitions. G2 Esports in League Of Legends has been a team of professional players since 2013. The secret of their success lies in the fact that managers selected the players of the G2 teams in such a way that each team member ideally complements the whole team. In addition, the managers created training and career growth conditions for the team members. All this allowed G2 to achieve success and lead the top rankings.