Teams rating

#teamearningsratinglast game
1SFS$ 30800000.001 year ago
2LDN$ 14250000.001 year ago
3NYE$ 12150000.001 year ago
4SEO$ 11231000.001 year ago
5PHI$ 9950000.001 year ago
6VAN$ 9000000.001 year ago
7SHD$ 7227500.001 year ago
8GLA$ 5420000.001 year ago
9RUN$ 4678230.001 year ago
10NV$ 4634080.002 years ago
11HZS$ 4350000.001 year ago
12VAL$ 4150000.001 year ago
13EM$ 3557760.001 year ago
14BH$ 3486750.001 year ago
15ATL$ 3350000.001 year ago
16CC$ 3034600.001 year ago
17Lunatic Hai$ 2999470.004 years ago
18FUN$ 2542480.001 year ago
19BOS$ 2530000.001 year ago
20GBW$ 2516830.002 years ago
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Why do fans love esports? Of course, for spectacular tournaments in which esports teams compete with each other to prove their advantage over their rivals. In Overwatch, teams that regularly win prestigious competitions are trendy worldwide. Fans are eagerly awaiting the start of the new season to enjoy the exciting tournaments and championships. Matches play an essential role for esports teams as well. In addition to bringing players money, honor, and glory, they got special points for participation and wins. These points are the background of teams’ rankings that reflect the current Overwatch League teams’ careers. Each esports team strives to show the best results to move as close as possible to the top ranking and lead the top Overwatch teams list. The better a club plays, the more famous and popular it is. We have prepared a list of the most famous clubs in the Overwatch universe; we hope you will like reading our story about each of these clubs in more detail.


As in traditional sports, teams constantly improve their skills to show the best results in tournaments. We want to tell you about the top Overwatch teams that have worked hard to earn their champion title and prestigious status. The Overwatch team rankings include the best clubs that have shown promising results in the Overwatch League 2020 and showed dedication and willpower on the path to victory. The story of each club is a small success story. Each of the esports teams discussed below has become a legend for fans.

Ex Oblivione

First on our list of the best Overwatch teams will be a European team called Ex Oblivione. Fans of the game also call this club Exo OW. Exo has been competing in the Overwatch discipline since 2019. Ex Oblivion has achieved tremendous success and took prizes at prestigious tournaments. Players agree that the team’s success secret is good management as managers create comfortable training and professional development conditions. Today Exo OW is a team of high-level professionals, which lead rankings. Young players and newly created teams dream of following the Exo’s way.

New Kings

The next team that will be discussed is quite popular as well. It is New Kings – this name is known to the widest circle of Overwatch fans. This club is considered to be one of Overwatch’s top teams. And although the New Kings team appeared in OW relatively recently – in 2020, the players have great career goals and develop strategies of their realizations. The best proof of it is their high performance, which they demonstrate in tournaments and championships. New Kings is a club of a new type, in which the emphasis is on the individual preparation of each team member. New Kings is one of the most popular and much-discussed in the esports community today. New Kings is the next esports superstar making its first steps in the Overwatch discipline right now. These guys are swaying esports history!

Sheer Cold

Sheer Cold is a young OW team of pro players. Even though the Sheer Cold OW team has been on the professional scene since 2020, they are already well known to all fans of esports competitions. In Sheer Cold, the OW players are true pros who are well aware of individual tasks while working as a team. They work together being as a single mechanism. In Sheer Cold, all gamers were selected so that each could work and coexist comfortably together. This approach showed excellent results, allowing the team to earn points and lead the rankings. Today Sheer Cold is showing a great game in OW tournaments – even veterans of esports can envy their success.