Tournament rankings

#TournamentPrize amountteamsplayersteams /
1 World Championship 2022 $ 500000 No Info 16 No Info / 16
2 LL 9 $ 50000 No Info 16 No Info / 16
3 LL 8 $ 50000 No Info 16 No Info / 16
4 Masters Seasonal 2022 Fall $ 50000 No Info 16 No Info / 16
5 LL 7 $ 50000 No Info 16 No Info / 16
6 Masters 2022 Tour MaD $ 250000 No Info 542 No Info / 542
7 LL 6 $ 50000 No Info 28 No Info / 28
8 LL 5 $ 50000 No Info 51 No Info / 51
9 Grandmasters 2022 S2 Last Call $ 150000 No Info 16 No Info / 16
10 Masters 2022 Tour MaCN $ 250000 No Info 572 No Info / 572
11 LL 4 $ 50000 No Info 52 No Info / 52
12 Masters 2022 Tour Vashj'ir $ 250000 No Info 591 No Info / 591
13 LL 3 $ 50000 No Info 52 No Info / 52
14 Masters Seasonal 2022 Summer $ 50000 No Info 16 No Info / 16
15 LL 2 $ 50000 No Info 52 No Info / 52
16 Masters 2022 Tour VTSC $ 250000 No Info 596 No Info / 596
17 LL 1 $ 50000 No Info 53 No Info / 53
18 Grandmasters 2022 S1 AM $ 83303 No Info 16 No Info / 16
19 Grandmasters 2022 S1 EU $ 83333 No Info 16 No Info / 16
20 Masters 2022 Tour RoA $ 250000 No Info 601 No Info / 601
1 2 3 17


What attracts esports fans the most? Competitions, of course. Hearthstone tournaments are not as popular as Lol or CS: GO championships, but fans also like and watch them. At the same time, the top Hearthstone tournaments can be as interesting as the main events from the Dota 2 world. Daily Hearthstone tournaments attract many fans who watch streams with the participation of their favorites and cheer for them. Of course, competitions of this level are not as prestigious as the essential Hearthstone tournaments. Still, they allow you to pass the time, waiting for the top matches. On our website, you will always find the Hearthstone tournament schedule with event dates, a list of participants, and other important information. HS players and tournaments are an integral part of this esports game. Therefore, if you want to follow Hearthstone tournaments and be updated with all the latest events, stay with us!


With the growing popularity of esports competitions, their number has also grown. Many HS tournaments are held annually all over the world. They differ in the prestige level, the event format, the prize pool, and other parameters. Not to get confused with such a diversity of HS events, and choose the Hearthstone tournament that will be interesting – take a look at the list of prestigious Hearthstone tournaments that we have prepared especially for you. On this page, you will find a list of the most exciting events, as well as the schedule of Hearthstone tournaments for 2021. You will always be aware of the latest events and not miss important competitions. Follow the Hearthstone championship, make predictions on events’ outcomes, and cheer for your favorites!

Masters 2021

Our list of the most interesting HS events opens with Hearthstone Masters 2021 – a prestigious competition, followed by millions of fans. Masters HS is a series of prestigious events with a large prize pool for which the best players from different countries compete. On our website, you can get important information about the dates of the Masters 2021 Hearthstone tournament, the prize pool, Masters 2021 players, etc. The main events of Masters 2021, the main points and key aspects – everything you need to know is available at our website to always be aware of the latest HS events. Hearthstone Masters 2021 is the highest-level championship, so it certainly deserves the attention of every esports fan.


One more popular tournament that deserves your attention. On our website, you can find detailed information about the top players of the All Star Invitational, the main prize pool of the All Star Invitational, the winner of the All Star Invitational 2020, All Star Invitational transfers, and other useful info. We regularly update all news, so you can always be sure that you are checking first-hand verified information. The prize pool is huge in the All Star, so Hearthstone All Star winners can raise top money. Perhaps you like to make predictions on the outcomes of matches and tournaments and already know who will win the championship this year?

Golden Team League

The Golden Team League tournament is the popular Asian Hearthstone championship. In the Golden Team League, teams from the Asian region compete against each other for the Hearthstone champion title and an impressive prize pool that the Golden Team League winner gets. The winnings can reach several tens of thousands of dollars in the HS Golden tournament, which is amazing for online card game competitions. On our website, you will find detailed information about the Golden Team tournament participants, the Golden Team League tournament results, the main events, etc. So, follow the Hearthstone Golden Team League, championship results, and player performance with us!