Tournament rankings

#TournamentPrize amountteamsplayersteams /
1 World Championship 2023 No Info No Info No Info No Info / No Info
2 LEC 2023 Finals No Info No Info No Info No Info / No Info
3 MSI 2023 No Info No Info No Info No Info / No Info
4 EMEA Masters 2023 Spring No Info No Info No Info No Info / No Info
5 PCS 2023 Spring $ 80000 9 No Info 9 / No Info
6 VCS 2023 Spring $ 51005 8 No Info 8 / No Info
7 PG Proving 2023 Spring No Info 8 No Info 8 / No Info
8 LCS 2023 Spring $ 200000 10 No Info 10 / No Info
9 TCL 2023 Winter No Info 8 No Info 8 / No Info
10 LHE 2023 Opening No Info 10 No Info 10 / No Info
11 ES 2nd Div 2023 Spring No Info 6 No Info 6 / No Info
12 ES 2023 Spring $ 10682 8 No Info 8 / No Info
13 PL 2 Div 2023 Spring No Info 9 No Info 9 / No Info
14 AL 2023 Spring No Info No Info No Info No Info / No Info
15 CBLOL Academy 2023 S1 $ 18955 10 No Info 10 / No Info
16 EBL 2023 Spring No Info 8 No Info 8 / No Info
17 GLL 2023 Spring No Info 8 No Info 8 / No Info
18 HM 2023 Spring No Info 8 No Info 8 / No Info
19 LEC 2023 Winter $ 84992 10 No Info 10 / No Info
20 NACL 2023 Spring No Info 16 No Info 16 / No Info
1 2 3 53


LoL tournaments are considered the most grandiose events in the framework of esports competitions. League Of Legends tournaments collect a huge number of views. The League Of Legends World Championship set a record for the number of simultaneous views of an online stream. More than 100 million people simultaneously watched the game in real time. These huge numbers allow us to judge how popular and in-demand this game is in the esports community. The most popular LoL tournaments are unique shows that will impress any fan. Each match with the participation of the strongest esports teams causes a storm of emotions. Therefore, if you love esports, be sure to watch the matches that take place within the LoL World Championship at least once in your life. We will tell you about the most interesting LoL tournaments you should pay attention to. Stay with us!


A massive number of League of Legends tournaments are held every year. Still, not all of them are considered prestigious competitions. In the first place is the LOL World Championship. In addition to the world-class LoL Championship, several LoL tournaments are also worthy of your attention. We have prepared a story about some of them so that you can always know which competitions you should pay attention to and at the same time not regret the time spent. In League Of Legends, tournaments are held quite often. Some are purely amateur events that are not always interesting for fans. Therefore, we have created a list of top events that we can recommend!

MSI 2021

Fans and players from esports organizations eagerly await the MSI 2021 Tournament. LoL MSI 2021 Championship is a prestigious competition in which the best teams worldwide will take part. The confrontation will be fierce, as the winner of the MSI Championship 2021 will receive the prestigious title and the top cash prize. In addition, at MSI, the top player selected by the jury will also receive an award. The MSI tournament will bring many unforgettable moments to the LoL fans. Therefore, League of Legends fans have great expectations for MSI 2021. MSI championship should give all LoL fans and players many positive emotions and vivid impressions.


The most prestigious event in all esports communities, particularly League of Legends, is the World Championship. At the 2021 World Championship, the main prize will be a top cash prize. Also, at the LoL World, the winner will receive the prestigious champion title and the honor and respect of the LoL fans and world fame. Winning the World Top tournament is comparable to winning the FIFA World Cup, so the LoL teams that participate in the competition prepare for the matches very seriously. The League of Legends World Championship 2021 will be the 11th World Championship. The most ambitious teams win in the World Championship – as statistics shows. The LoL World Championship tournament results will be published on our website as well.


League Of Legends tournaments are very popular. One of the most exciting and prestigious competitive events that you should pay attention to is the LCS tournament. At LCS, the prize pool is several hundred thousand dollars, which significantly motivates LoL players to do their best in this prestigious event. For example, in the LCS tournament 2020, the prize pool was $200,000. This is a North American tournament, although newbies sometimes confuse LCK and LCS. Korea also has its tournament called the LCK. The LCS tournament results, the match results, and other information you can find out at any time on our website.