Tournament rankings

#TournamentPrize amountteamsplayersteams /
1MGA Community Overwatch Series #20 $ 840 8 No Info 8 / No Info
2MGA Community Overwatch Series #19 $ 840 8 No Info 8 / No Info
3Overwatch Contenders 2021 Season 3 $ 166800 16 No Info 16 / No Info
4MGA Community Overwatch Series #18 $ 840 8 No Info 8 / No Info
5Cheez-It Grooves College Esports Invitational $ 13500 34 No Info 34 / No Info
6Overwatch Contenders 2021 Season 2 $ 566800 40 No Info 40 / No Info
7MGA Community Overwatch Series #17 $ 840 8 No Info 8 / No Info
8Aurora Cup Semi-pro Challenge 2021 $ 3418 16 No Info 16 / No Info
9NetEase Esports X Tournament 2021 Spring $ 15527 6 No Info 6 / No Info
10MGA Community Overwatch Series #16 $ 840 8 No Info 8 / No Info
11School Tournament 2021 Season 2 $ 1795 8 No Info 8 / No Info
12Overwatch League 2021 $ 4250000 20 No Info 20 / No Info
13MGA Community Overwatch Series #15 $ 840 8 No Info 8 / No Info
14Borbon Open Season Zero $ 762 12 No Info 12 / No Info
15Mayhem Spring Classic - 2021 $ 5000 8 No Info 8 / No Info
16ASUES Open Tournament $ 630 10 No Info 10 / No Info
17Overwatch Contenders 2021 Season 1 $ 566800 40 No Info 40 / No Info
18SteelSeries Invitational $ 10000 4 No Info 4 / No Info
19MGA Community Overwatch Series #14 $ 840 8 No Info 8 / No Info
20Open Division 2021 Season 1 $ 4000 40 No Info 40 / No Info
1 2 3 10


The number of esports fans is increasing every year. The demand for esports competitions and streams of matches with the participation of top esports teams is also growing. Among all other esports disciplines, fans of esports competitions distinguish Overwatch for spectacular and fast-paced battles. Indeed, the matches played in Overwatch tournaments are dynamic and truly enjoyable to watch. The 2020 Overwatch tournaments have left a lot of memories for players and fans. But there are many new events, which will replace the 2020 OW tournaments. It should be said that popular Overwatch tournaments are in great demand among fans. And even if they are not in such a demand as the League of Legends competitions, there are still many OW fans. OW tournaments are held regularly. If you want, you can watch the streams of Overwatch tournaments at least every month. Not all competitions can be called the Overwatch top tournaments, so we have created a list of events that you should pay attention to.


Every year in the world, there are several hundred and maybe thousands of different competitive events in esports disciplines, particularly Overwatch. All these events cannot be classified as prestigious competitions because some tournaments are organized for amateurs only. But there are many top Overwatch tournaments. These events certainly deserve the attention of every fan of this team shooter. OW 2020 tournaments have passed, so if you are looking for exciting events in 2021, we have prepared a schedule of upcoming events and several paragraphs about some of the prestigious events.

NeXT 2021

NeXT 2021 starts our story of exciting competitive events from the OW universe. NeXT Championship 2021 is a Chinese local event for the best teams at the regional level. To participate in the Next 2021 championship, the teams train with the utmost seriousness. You can follow the streams of the NeXT 2021 matches on Overwatch or the streaming sites. On our website, you can also find useful info about this top NeXT 2021 tournament – transfers, names of participants, Overwatch NeXT 2021 statistics, prize pool, top OW players, etc. So, stay with us and follow the event. It will be exciting!

Open Division 2021

Open Division 2021 is an outstanding event. The 2021 Open Division Championship is an excellent opportunity for amateur teams to break into the big leagues and start a professional OW career. Maybe the Open Division 2021 Overwatch matches are not as spectacular as the games of experienced pros. Still, they are no less interesting to watch. The first place in the Open Division allows players to get pro status, so the winner of Open Division 2021 will have a chance to start an OW career in addition to the prize money. OW Open Division 2021 promises to be an exciting event. Perhaps one day, you will be the Overwatch Open Division winner. All the necessary information about the format of the Open Division, tournament results, players you will find on our website.

Flash Ops

Another tournament that hundreds of thousands of people worldwide enjoy watching and which we can recommend. The matches of this competitive event are so spectacular that the best Flash Ops moments are then re-watched many and many times. At a Flash Ops tournament, the winnings can reach tens of thousands of dollars. An impressive reward, yeh? This forces the players at the Flash Ops event to do their best and demonstrate all their skills. On our website, you will find all the information you need about Flash Ops news, Overwatch Flash Ops transfers, Flash Ops tournament format, top OW players, and Overwatch Flash Ops results.