As in traditional sports, professional gamers change their teams quite often. This happens for a variety of reasons. For example, a CSGO player can understand that he has reached the maximum of his development in a particular team, and he needs to move on to develop. To do this, he needs to find a team of a more serious level and join it. Such moves from one club to another are called transfers.

Main CSGO transfers are the most notable player transfer from one team to another. Such transfers allow the gamer to grow professionally, work on personal growth, and sometimes earn more. On the other hand, the team that acquires a new member from the top CS GO players gets a chance to improve their performance and achieve new results. To do this, team managers carefully check the CSGO player rankings to find a suitable agent for them. Of course, in addition to individual results and game statistics, the manager must consider the player’s teamwork skills. A toxic player can harm the team’s comfortable atmosphere, which will negatively affect the team’s performance, even if all the players have outstanding skills.

Transfers of players are very popular with both the media and fans. Sometimes they become the main event of the season.