DatePlayerold teamnew team
04.06.2022 Apostolos Verros CHILLAX DGG
04.06.2022 Mathias Huynh CHILLAX DGG
04.06.2022 Oleg Kvasha CHILLAX DGG
04.06.2022 Samu Hautala CHILLAX DGG
04.06.2022 Stoyan Kostov CHILLAX DGG
03.06.2022 Ivan Bondarev ChFight! ITB
03.06.2022 Ondřej Štarha ChFight! ITB
03.06.2022 Andreas Ragnemalm ChFight! ITB
03.06.2022 Aliullov Roman ChFight! ITB
31.05.2022 Lucas Morais Spirits Coritiba
31.05.2022 Pedro Luiz Rezende De Paula Spirits Coritiba
31.05.2022 Caio Soares De Oliveira Spirits Coritiba
31.05.2022 Giovanni Ramos Pereira Spirits Coritiba
31.05.2022 Jean Franco Natividad Spirits Coritiba
28.05.2022 Tamir Gankhurel RNWL Neon
28.05.2022 Tugstur Dashzevge RNWL Neon
28.05.2022 Roman Kushnarev CIS VP
27.05.2022 Andrew Evelynn TMM TC
27.05.2022 Muhammad Saad Ali Ghaznavi TMM TC
24.05.2022 Lucas Morais SG Spirits


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Modern esports is developing rapidly, so the volume of investments and the cost of player contracts are growing every day. The best players in the world can count on prize money earned in tournaments and on significant salaries. Individual esports players’ contracts are gradually starting to reach astronomical amounts. In Dota 2, major transfers are not always covered in media. We have solved this problem and published a list with up-to-date information about all significant transfers. On our website, you will find much information about Dota 2 – transfers, player careers, team rankings, tournament calendar, and much more. Visit our website, and you will always have access to the information you need. Don’t miss any sensation! Follow the news from the world of esports and cheer for your favorites with us!