DatePlayerold teamnew team
2020-04-30-OW -
2020-04-30-YMCA -
2017-07-02HypedImmortals -


Hearthstone players can sometimes change teams or play outside of teams and clubs. This is due to various reasons related to their careers. Someone doesn’t see any prospects for development, someone does not find a common language with teammates, and someone just loves to be a free agent. Such transfers from one club to another are pretty standard in esports. In Hearthstone, transfers work a bit differently. Usually, the transfer of a player between teams depends on the popularity and professional success of the player. The easiest option is a free transfer of a player to another club. In such a situation, after the contract’s expiration with the current team, the player can change the team and sign the next contract with another club. When it comes to top Hearthstone players, the legal can be tricky. Sometimes the contracts have certain conditions of changing clubs. An esports team that wants to acquire a top player must offer an impressive amount of money.

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