League of Legends players are sometimes forced to change esports clubs in search of better conditions, higher salaries, personal or career opportunities, etc. Such transfers from one team to another exist in all esports and sports disciplines. In League of Legends, transfers are quite common, especially for top LoL players.

LoL player transfers are significant to the gamers, teams, and, of course, fans. Substitution of even one player can seriously affect a team’s performance – positively or negatively. Today, esports has become a business that makes serious money – and this is the fact.

On our website, we have collected detailed information about the main transfers in LoL in recent years. We use both open sources, which are available to everyone on the Internet, and insider information, which allows us to be a little ahead. Our task is to publish all information on transfers earlier than other websites and media – and we cope with it pretty well. If you want to always stay up to date with the latest events and follow the careers of your favorite player, we advise you to visit our website regularly and check the news section updates.