DatePlayerold teamnew team
2020-08-04ZhufanjunTeam1 China
2020-08-04JIQIRENTeam1 Miraculous
2020-08-04YangXiaoLongTeam2 CDH
2020-08-04CreedTeam2 CDH
2020-08-045kingTeam2 CC
2020-08-04RUITeam2 CDH
2020-08-03FletaSHD SHD
2020-08-03VoidSHD SHD
2020-08-03Cr0ngGZC GZC
2020-08-03Stand1SHD BOS
2020-05-12-ZEN -
2020-02-29-CUCU -
2020-02-19-KBU -
2019-09-05TiZiVAN -
2019-08-26McgravyVAL DM.NA
2019-08-25FunnyAstroATL FUN
2019-08-25CustaGLA Australia


Top Overwatch teams are pretty careful about player transfers. As in traditional sports, for example, in football, player transfers don’t acutely affect the club’s performance. In esports, it works differently. Each Overwatch team consists of only 6 people, so replacing even one esports player can seriously affect the entire team’s game. Still, the clubs’ managers sometimes decide to change the rosters. In addition, the gamer can initiate a transfer to another club. This scenario happens when the gamer does not see any prospects for growth within the team or conflicts with teammates. A toxic atmosphere within a team often leads to negative consequences, affecting the team’s performance in Overwatch tournaments. That’s unacceptable. Therefore, changing the team is often the only way out of this situation.

In Overwatch, player transfers from one team to another are common. We closely monitor the professional careers of Overwatch top players, collecting and analyzing both public information and our inside sources. Sometimes player transfers become the main news events of the gaming season. Therefore, if you want always to be aware of all the news and updates from the world of esports, then check our website!